Will you accept this rose?  You may have heard the expression traveling in sound waves from a small screen near you.  Or perhaps you've uttered the words in a (less public) rose ceremony of your own making.  Our hope, however, is that you saw, followed, and joined the declaration in hashtag form over the past two weeks as we kicked off our first campaign of the year on Instagram: #WillYouAcceptThisRose.  Contrary to ABC's dramatic ritual of the fittest, our objective was to celebrate femininity and friendship.  After all, encouraging one another while bolstering female empowerment has never been more important than it is now. 

In order to spread our message of love as thick as we would Nutella, we partnered with nine of our influencer friends and asked them to share what makes them feel feminine..while rocking isabella rose, of course.  See below for a closer look! 



"As for what makes me feel feminine, flirty & fearless... going on adventures & discovering new places! Might seem odd but when I’m exploring new things, I feel the most confident & in turn, I feel feminine & fearless!"

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"I just noticed recently how much I love feminine swimsuits (but not girly!) - from ruffles and frills to florals and pastel colors, to one-pieces (which I think are the equivalent of dresses in the swimsuit world). But more important than everything is how it fits my body and accentuates the right spots and very few brands get this right consistently like @isabellaroseswim."

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26871212_327920077716445_2876685012286046208_n (1).jpg


"As I've gotten older, I've really enjoyed figuring out the things that make me feel feminine, and to me, that looks like many things: Whether it's soaking in a candlelit bath after a long day, wearing lipstick for date night, standing firm for what I believe in, or feeling comfortable + unapologetic in my own skin. Femininity, in my opinion, looks a whole lot like confident strength. Whatever it looks like to you, hold on to it and never be ashamed to express your feminine side."

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"One of the biggest lessons of my womenity is learning how to use my voice. I believe in strength and assertiveness but without our essence, without our femininity is just half the story."

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"Ruffles always make me feel flirty and feminine!!! Shop the 2018 femme collection @isabellaroseswim."

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"What makes me feel feminine flirty and fearless - when I am wearing a great outfit, I feel like I can take on the world. :)"

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26264380_942206965952769_3958103832629608448_n (2).jpg


"There's nothing that makes me feel more feminine and confident than feeling my best from the inside out. When you take care of your body, mentally & physically, your mood will automatically elevate and your energy will radiate!"

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26867436_1922329421412299_6271583774731927552_n (1).jpg


"I know it's wrong, but it feels so ripe! Poolside in @isabellaroseswim!

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PRESS PLAY to hear what femininity means to @Alexandra_Chloe as she unboxes her new isabella rose suits! 

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