Winter is here, and we are leaving.  Destination: Anywhere with ocean waves, pina coladas, and an excuse to wear a bikini without layering on sweaters upon sweaters!  Let's be real, taking an adventure is our favorite way to destress from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.  However, according to Mastercard, approximately 89% of Americans find stress in planning vacations.  What?!  With that said, we've compiled our best travel tips below amassed from over a decade of wandering so that you don't fall victim to this category.

Know WHEN to Go and WHERE to Buy:

Is there anything more stressful than being late for a flight?  Or how about excitedly opening up your laptop to book your airfare only to discover that the 'most affordable' deal would require you to open up a new credit card, get a new job, and sell your house?  No, thank you!  Take it from us, self-professed #wanderwomen, and book your tropical vacation during the prime booking window AKA 3 months in advance.  Furthermore, note that fares are generally cheaper when you book on a Tuesday.  And when it comes to booking your itinerary, avoid the weekends!  You'll shave a significant dollar amount off your total if you book your departing flight on a Monday or Tuesday and your return flight on a Tuesday or Wednesday.  


Take advantage of travel apps for real-time updates, baggage information, and more to avoid missing out on updated gate connections or anything that may alter your travel plans at the last minute.  Our favorite app?  GateGuru.  Make sure you download it before you leave the house to explore airport amenities, book rental cars, and track your travel stats.  You'll thank us later.

It's ON with the Carry-On

Like we mentioned before, traveling should be a stress-free experience from the moment you start planning to the day you pack up your return bags.  With that said, we realize airports aren't the most relaxing places to make it one!  To make your travel experience as spa-like as possible, do not leave any of these items out of your carry-on: your favorite sweet treat, a silk neck pillow, and that fiction novel you've been wanting to read since the end of summer.

And most importantly, don't forget to tag your vacation photos on Instagram with #rosegoes to show us where YOU'RE traveling this season.  Bon voyage, #rosebuds!   

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