If you're looking for some swim-spiration, we rounded up our top 10 Instagram crushes of the month. Basically, on a scale of 1 to 5 fire emojis, these girls would score 6 every time.  Not only can they rock a triangle top like a boss, each of these women perfectly embody the Isabella Rose girl.  Just like our debut collection, these ladies have a hand-crafted spirit that inspires them to pack their bags on the reg in order to experience life with the utmost confidence and abandon.  

1. @MadelineJoyRelph

2. @TuulaVintage

3. @Rocky_Barnes

4, @AnastasiaAshley

5. @MelWithARosee

6. @Greta_Rosee

7. @MahinaGarcia

8. @ToriLevett

9. @InkaWilliams

10. @AlexisRen    

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