Welcome to California, where the surf is always up, the sun shines 292 days a year, and an acai bowl is just as easy to find as a grande cup of Starbucks java.  The golden state hosts over 250 million tourists a year, and it’s no surprise why.  I mean, have you seen our beaches?  However, with over 1,000 miles of California coast to choose from, it can be a little overwhelming for non-natives (and even true-bred Californians) to choose a coastal destination.  Whether you are looking for a nearby beach or planning a roadtrip with your local girl gang, we have compiled a list of the top 5 #IsabellaRoseApproved beaches in California from socal to norcal to help narrow your choices.  

San Simeon:  Located along the scenic route of San Luis Obispo county, San Simeon is ideal for those looking for an low-key, low-crowd destination.  Looking for a couples retreat?  San Simeon. Like hiking along the coast?  San Simeon.  Interested in history...or castles?  Check out the Hearst Castle, a prominent landmark just minutes away from, you guessed it, San Simeon.

Victoria Beach: This long white sandy beach feels like a private oasis tucked into the tiny town of Laguna.  Let’s face it, you’ve probably seen this beach before on someone’s desktop screensaver or #weekendgoals Pinterest board.

Baker Beach:  Did you know San Francisco has one of the most picturesque beaches in the country?  Now you do.  Baker Beach is located at the foot of rugged serpentine cliffs, just swimming-distance from the Golden Gate Bridge -- though don’t try to breaststroke there, the water up north is a bit frigid.

La Jolla: Take a dip off the San Diego coast for an experience that feels part-wild, part-luxe.  Referred to as ‘the jewel of the sea,’ La Jolla is where fine dining and fun coexist.  Warning: Come prepared to share your beach experience with an elephant seal -- they LOVE the view from the coast of La Jolla.

Venice Beach: While Venice might not qualify as the most scenic beach on our list, it is definitely the most colorful.  If people watching is your jam, skip #1-4 and immerse yourself in the diverse crowds of Venice Beach.

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